NEW DEVELOPMENT 2024 | BMW Motorcycle Update

REMUS Sport Exhaust Cayenne E-Hybrid

Bike specifications:

for BMW R12 / R12 NINE T, MY 2024=> Pre ORDER NOW!

for BMW F 800 GS, MY 2024=> Pre ORDER NOW!

for BMW F 900 GS, MY 2024=> Pre ORDER NOW!

for BMW F 900 GS Adventure, MY 2024=> Pre ORDER NOW!

Available for delivery from calender-week 28/2024


  • From the R 12 to the F 900 GS Adventure
  • Perfectly tuned & sporty REMUS sound
  • Performance and torque increase
  • Light weight construction 
  • Made in Austria
  • EC approval or RACING Exhaust
  • Delivery with week 28/2024

Experience our BEST REMUS Sound and get started for the motorbike season 2024.

Crafted from only the best high-quality materials, our exhaust systems amplify your BMW's strong character while remaining perfectly legal for road use.

Transform your driving experience:

  • Unleash a powerful sound: Enjoy a powerful and refined exhaust note
  • Boost performance: Optimized exhaust flow enhances responsiveness and driving pleasure.
  • Tailored to perfection: Seamless integration with your BMW bike for a flawless look and feel.

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