Stainless steel resonated cat-back front section, incl. EEC homologation
SKU: 205512 0300

The REMUS front silencer is a perfect supplement to the REMUS sport exhaust. Like the REMUS sport exhaust it is fully made of stainless steel and build according to flow dynamics to support the maximum power output of the engine.

Original tube Ø 55/60 mm
REMUS tube Ø 70 mm


  • Aggressive racing sound
  • Shot blasted surface, 100% stainless steel
  • Performance increase, low back pressure
  • Light weight construction
  • Perfect shape and fitment
  • Handmade in Austria
  • 24 months warranty
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Supported vehicles
  • Ford Focus Mk3, Typ(e) DYB 2.0l EcoBoost ST, Facelift 184kW 2015=> R9DA / R9DB / R9DC
  • Ford Focus Mk3, Typ(e) DYB 2.0l EcoBoost ST 184kW 2012=> R9DA / R9DB / R9DC